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Miranda Gray has a B.Sc. Hons in Geophysical Sciences, is a published author and illustrator, and the Creative Director of a multimedia company. She also writes, teaches alternative therapy, runs women’s workshops (UK and worldwide), facilitates women’s training, and illustrates for Penguin Books.

Miranda first became interested in the menstrual cycle while working as a freelance illustrator in her early twenties where she noticed that her creativity and natural painting style changed with her cycle’s phase.

With an active interest in alternative spiritual philosophy and self development, Miranda was also aware that her spirituality and sexual needs changed with her phases and she began to explore mythology and folklore for images to show that her observations were part of an ancient female wisdom rather than a modern discovery.

From her research Miranda created a framework of concepts and goddess images to help women understand the creative, sexual and spiritual aspects of their cycles and wrote Red Moon –Understanding and using the gifts of the menstrual cycle (1994). She went on to do speaking tours in Europe and taught workshops in the UK, Italy and Canada.

Cover from The Optimized Woman by Miranda GraySince the publication of Red Moon, Miranda co-founded a multimedia company with her husband and trained in a number of alternative healing and development techniques, including life-coaching. It became obvious to Miranda that many standard self-development techniques and coaching approaches ignored the cycle and expected a masculine approach to work equally well for women. The Optimized Woman – Using the menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment  published in 2009, is the first book to use the menstrual cycle specifically as an empowering and enabling force in goal-achievement, life-coaching and work performance methods.

With 34 years of menstrual cycle experience and an intense awareness of the cycle’s effect on women’s needs, perception, sexuality and spirituality, Miranda understands the challenges cyclic women go through in a linear masculine world and has many books to write on the subject!

Miranda lives what she teaches and works with her husband in the UK.
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